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Username * Anchang-Style
Country * Germany
City Hamburg
Nationality German



Iam Matthias from Hamburg (well not originally but for university purpose). Iam majoring in Japanese culture, language, history (nihon gakubu) and having informatics as second major (well Hamburg University doesn't offer 3d courses or something as second major). Iam learning 3d skills more because of my love for video games and my wish to make cool looking stuff. I am a big fan of japanese rock music and RPGs and the art style both medias offer (yeah i kinda think guys in girls cloths have a certain style to them). I don't have professional intention now because ia still pretty early in learning (eventhough if iam good enough, sooner or later i would go that way, especially combined with my skills in japan (which hopefully develop well till then) and work on styled through JRPGs and stuff).